Valcour Island on Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain
The sixth largest lake in the U.S., the historic waters of Lake Champlain stretch 120 miles north to south with almost 600 miles of pristine shoreline. Surpassed only by the Great Lakes in size, Lake Champlain features 435 square miles of surface area carving through the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont.

In 1998, Lake Champlain actually became a Great Lake when a Vermont senator attached a few words to a bill pending in congress stating, “The term ‘Great Lakes’ includes Lake Champlain.” With President Clinton’s signature, Lake Champlain became a Great Lake – for one month. With pressure from the Great Lakes region over potential funding issues, the designation was reversed just 4 weeks later.

But for water lovers, Lake Champlain is truly a great lake offering year round recreation.

Sail our open waters. Visit historic lighthouses. Dive century-old shipwrecks. Experience some of the East’s best inland windsurfing. Fish one of North America’s most renowned fisheries. Or just sit on one of our many beaches and take in the spectacular mountain views. 

Lake Champlain Beaches

A Day at the Beach
A trip to the Adirondack Coast wouldn't be complete without feeling the sand between your toes. 
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1977 Mansi Photo

Champ Watch
Lake Champlain has its own sea monster or so the story goes...
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Bluff Point Lighthouse on Valcour

Fish of the Adirondacks
Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks offer some of the best fishing in North America and offer a wide variety of species. Discover them all! 
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