Located just 15 minutes west of Rouses Point, Mooers sits on the banks of the Great Chazy River and shares a border with Canada.

Civil War importance

First settled in 1796, the Town of Mooers is rich with history. During the American Civil War, many fugitive slaves passed through Mooers and several surrounding towns on their journey to Canada. Mooers’ North Star Road and Blackman Corners Road intersection now serves as a constant reminder of these individuals’ pursuit of freedom, as well as the region’s significant contributions during this difficult time in American history.

Drink in the culture

In the heart of town, you can find Mooers' wide variety of shops and restaurants, as well as stroll near the Great Chazy River, an ideal location for Adirondack Coast fishing and paddling.

Another great way to experience Mooers is by visiting Stonehouse Vineyard, located on Blair Road. The winery, which is featured on the emerging Adirondack Coast Wine Trail, was the first family-owned winery licensed in Clinton County and produces both red and white wines, as well as a limited selection of fruit wines.

Rural Recreation

Mooers’ rural setting allows for plenty of year-round, Adirondack outdoor activities. In the warmer months, enjoy Adirondack Coast biking along Mooers’ scenic, open roads. When the temperature drops, Mooers’ recreational trails can be used for cross country skiing and snowmobiling.

Lazy Days Campsites, located on Lazy Days Lane, offers a family-friendly, six-hole golf course, shuffleboard, pedalboats and a four-acre pond. For a little adventure, hike Flat Rock Gulf and view “the gulf,” a spectacular geological formation with a deep, 100-foot vertical drop and a 2.5-acre glacial pond.

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