The Adirondack Coast GeoTrail Cache Locations

Below is a complete listing of the sites featured on the Adirondack Coast GeoTrail. The caches are separated into four categories; outdoor recreation, agriculture, history and scenic.
A free membership is required to view the caches on the Adirondack Coast GeoTrail. Geocachers must download a passport, obtain codes from cache locations, discover 100 points worth of caches and submit the completed passport to the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau office. 
If a code card is not in the cache simply take a picture of the cache, send it to the cache's owner on and they will send you the code. If you are having problems with a cache or code send us an e-mail

Outdoor Recreation

Before it Gets Steep...: 5.5 Points

One of the smaller climbs in the area, Catamount offers nearly 360 degree views from its bald summit. Half of the time you are on the trail to the summit you will be on open rock, enjoying the views all around you. This cache is located slightly before the "chimney" and the point at which the hike becomes very steep. Click for more.

Catamount Trailhead Parking: 3 Points

This is a quick park and grab found at the new Catamount Mountain Trailhead parking area. Click for more.

Crow's Clearing: 3.5 Points

This cache is located at the parking area for Big Crow Mountain, The Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge, and Hurricane Mountain.  A quick park and grab, with easy acces to the nearby peaks for some spectacular views of the Adirondacks. Click for more.

Flat Rock Forest Puzzler: 6.5 Points

Flat Rock State Forest is 1,931-acre (7.81 km2) New York State Department of Environmental Conservation property. Solve all the puzzles to get you to the final cache with this puzzling multicache. Click for more.

Filet o' Fish: 3.5 Points

This is a relatively easy walk along Lake Alice in Chazy. Find the cache and then enjoy the area. Click for more.

Fox Hill: 4 Points

Cache is located at a public park, which features a playground and ball fields as well as a winter sledding hill and ice rink. Click for more.

Hangin' Out by the River: 6.5 Points

Cache is located along a hiking trail and popular fishing and swimming spot in the summer.Click for more.

Healthy Lung Trail Cache: 4.5 Points

This cache is not only a challenging hide, but is also a challenge to the body. The Healthy Lung Trail in Plattsburgh is a series of ten exercise stations to keep your body feeling young and in shape. This cache will have you go to each station and gather info from the exercise instruction signs to get the final waypoint for the actual cache. Click for more.

Irene Was Here: 5 Points

In August 2011 the Au Sable River sustained record floods as a result of Tropical Storm Irene. The storm caused considerable damage to the communities and businesses along the river. At this location you can see evidence of the flood waters, but luckily the damage wasn't as severe here due to the width of the river. The river is now a popoular spot for fishing. Click for more.

Long Point: 4 Points

Point Au Roche is a beautiful state park on the shores of Lake Champlain offering several nice hiking/biking trails, fishing in the bays, and a great beach with brand new playground. To find this cache you will need to hike or bike to the end of Long Point. Click for more.

Montgomery Street Pier: 3 Points

Cache is located along the beautiful waterfront Pier in Rouses Point.  Click for more.

Old McDonald by the River: 4 Points

Welcome to the North Branch of The Great Chazy River. This is another great spot along the river to take in the views and find a cache. If you like to fish, bring along your pole. Click for more.

Point Au Roche Suites: 5 Points

All are welcome at the newly established Point Au Roche Suites, plenty of room and the beauty of the park just might entice you to stay. After parking please head to the given start coordinates. The doorman, who is dressed in his finest "Silver" suit, will let you in and give you directions to the front desk. Click for more.

Rattlehead: 5.5 Points

A wonderful hike for the whole family. Rattlesnake Mountain offers spectacular views of Lake Champlain and nearby peaks. A moderate climb of just over a mile, this route is excellent in all four seasons. Click for more.

T-Rail Across Troubled Waters: 4 Points

This is a unique area to find a cache. It is also a public fishing area, so bring your pole along. Click for more.

The Crow's Nest: 4.5 Points

Big Crow Mountain is the higher of the two small mountains, known as "The Crows" west of the Village of Keene. This mountain offers beautiful views of many Adirondack Peaks. Click for more.

The Little Wooden Gulf Bridge: 4 Points

The bridge is getting weathered and old but it still serves its purpose, giving a great view of the large marshy area tha surrounds it. This is a half mile hike one way. Click for more.

The Red Pine Climb: 5.5 Points

Cache located off of disc golf course located at Cadyville Park. The park is the perfect place to let the kids play on the playground, in one of the fields, on the tennis or basketball court, go for a mountain bike ride, or find some geocaches! Click for more.

Within my Site: 4.5 Points

This cache has been placed with the landowners permission. Please use the parking coordinates. You will understand why when trying to approach the cache.Click for more.


Is Dat Dem Dere Buffalo: 4.5 Points

Yes, there are buffalo (aka. bison) in the Adirondacks! View these amazing animals from the safe viewing area that the owners have graciously provided. Click for more.

Fox Farm: 3.5 Points

Located near/in a small parking lot that is directly across from a closed bridge at the end of Old State Road. A typical park-n-grab.The site is the prior location of the Alaska Silver Fox Farm Exhibition that was dismantled back in the 1970's. Click for more.


Discover the Adirondack Coast: 3 Points

A park and grab located at the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau, here you can find all the information you need on the area. Click for more.

Douglas Cemetery: 3.5 Points

A little-known cemetery not too far from Lake Champlain at Port Douglas. Click for more.

Lowenberg Going Up: 4 Points

Caching at an abandoned ski area on Lyon Mountain. The ski area was called Lowenberg and the ski lift still exists. Click for more.

Lowenberg Going Down: 4 Points

Caching at an abandoned ski area on Lyon Mountain. The ski area was called Lowenberg and the ski lift still exists. Click for more.

Tanked: 3.5 Points

This cache is located in the Vietnam Veterns Park, a small park area across a boat launch into Lake Champlain. You will have to feel for it and try to replace it in the same spot. Click for more.

The Heyworth-Mason Multicache: 6.5 Points

This is a fairly simple two stage multi perfect for a warm sunny day. For the first stage, you'll need a special tool. It's about a 5-10 minute walk between the stages down the new Little Au Sable River Trail.The final stage is your classic ammo can in the woods. Click for more.


Ausable Point Wildlife Marsh: 3.5 Points

You will be entering Ausable Point State Park on this adventure, the cache is hidden in a free area and there is parking there as well.  As you enter the state park you will see Ausable Point Wildlife Marsh on your right and beautiful Lake Champlain on your left.  You may want to bring a camera to take pictures of the Osprey, Herons, Geese, Ducks, birds and many other animals you will see! Click for more.

Blown Away: 4 Points

This cache is located near the start of a trail system next to the Saranac River great for taking walks, mountain biking and taking in the beautiful veiws of the waterfalls. Locating the cache should be fairly easy, though you might have to get your feet wet. Click for more.

Catamount: 5.5 Points

Catamount mountain is one of the more unique "small" mountains. It's a fairly direct climb, around 1.8 miles one way. The first 0.7 is a breeze and the rest is up up and away. Click for more.

Chasm P&G: 4.5 Points

A quick Park-n-Grab for most, but may still prove to be a bit difficult for others. Make sure you step up on the Route 9 bridge for a magnificent view of Ausable Chasm's Rainbow Falls. Click for more.

Honey's 7-Up: 2.5 Points

A quick Park-n-Grab located near the Adirondack Coast's oldest attraction, Ausable Chasm. Click for more.

Lyon of the North: 6 Points

Lyon Mountain is a mountain that stands alone in the northeast corner of the Adirondack Park. Located less than 30 miles west of Plattsburgh,NY and within 40 miles of the Canadian border, this mountain is truly on the fringe. Click for more.

Poke-O-Halfway: 6 Points

One of the best hikes in the NE Adirondack's: Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain. Cache is located about halfway up the steep Ranger Trail. Click for more.

Port Kent Beach: 3.5 Points

A very popular spot on a hot summer day. Beautiful views of Lake Champlain rewards all those who seek out this cache. Click for more.

The Chain Link Bridge: 4 Points

This cache is located at the west end of an old walking bridge in Plattsburgh, encased in a chain link fence. After finding this cache if you walk up the hill to the north you will find the start of the Saranac River Trail. Click for more.

The "Gulf" Course: 6 Points

This 7 stage multi-cache is located along the trail of The Gulf Unique Area. The stages are a bit unique just like the landscape. Five of the stages are small, one is very large, and the final is an ammo box.  Click for more.

The Rocky Beach on Lake Champlain: 6 Points

Cache is along "the rocky beach" located near a public park area with beautiful views of Lake Champlain. There is parking across the street from the walking path and bridge. Make it easy and take the road down to the water, then walk the beach Click for more.

The Silver Lake Bog Cache: 3 Points

This cache is located along a boardwalk in the Silver Lake Nature Preserve.  Click for more.

The Silver Lake Bluffs Cache: 5.5 Points

This cache is located at the top of the Silver Lake Bluffs trail, which is located at the end of the Silver Lake Bog Boardwalk. Click for more.

Virgina Drive: 3 Points

A short winding road will take you to the top of the small mountain where the cache is located. Wonderful views of Lake Champlain highlight the way.  Click for more.

Watson Square Park: 4 Points

The entire family will appreciate this location.  Playground for the kids and nice scenic views for all. Click for more.


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