Kid-Friendly Bike Routes: Adirondack Coast

Want to get your kids into cycling? Ease them in with one of these family-friendly trails curated by the Adirondack Coast. We chose the easiest routes that appeal to kids and adults. Not all of them are short, but they all allow for breaks and resting. Turn-by-turn directions to many of our bike routes can be found through their links.

Saranac River Trail

1.3 mile multi-use path and bikeway that follows the southern edge of the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. 

Terry Gordon Bike Path

1.6 mile, easy path. All on asphalt and quite short in distance, this is the perfect route for young cyclers. Built adjacent to the Canadian Pacific Railway's still active main line along Lake Champlain, this rail-with-trail begins and ends in Plattsburgh with a magnificent view of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains. 

Point au Roche Family Ride

6.1 mile, easy ride. This route winds through cornfields, woodlands, and pastures of Beekmantown and Chazy and involves almost no climbing. With Mooney Bay Marina and another parking lot along the way, young cyclers will have chances to stop and rest if their little legs get tired.

Plattsburgh NY's War of 1812 Bike Trail 

22.4 mile, easy cycling route.  Filled with historical sites that will interest kids and adults, this trail is perfect for a Saturday family outing.  Due to its length, this trail is more suited for a young rider who’s been at it before. But, to make the historic loop shorter, take a right out of The Kent-Delord House Museum, making the route 10.61 miles long.

Acres of Apples

24 mile, easy cycling route winding you and your family through rows and rows of apples at a number of orchards along Lake Champlain. This is great for kids because going to the orchard and picking apples or having a doughnut can be part of the trip. Stop at one or all of the five orchards you’ll ride past for some family-friendly fun!

The William H. Miner Story

35 mile, easy cycling route taking cyclers through the history of inventor and philanthropist, William H. Miner.  Starting at the Chazy Central Rural School adjacent to the Alice T. Miner Museum, this longer route is worth it to take in scenic views and a dose of history. The Miner Foundation also developed the William H. Miner Agriculture Research Institute in 1956. This and Hearts Delight Farm are located on Miner Farm Road and open to the public.


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