Cycling through the Seasons

Cycling is not just something for the summer months. Spring, summer, and fall each offer unique beauty and particular things to watch out for. Here’s some considerations - good and bad - to think about as you cycle your way through the distinct seasons of the Adirondack Coast.


The spring season from April to June offers fantastic sights but also some dangerous leftovers from winter, especially if the winter was harsh. Apple blossoms and berry picking are beautiful and fun along the cycling routes in springtime. But water on the road, the maze of maple sugaring lines, and pot holes that arrive after the winter season, are all things you should be aware of as the weather warms up.

Speaking of weather, it's important to remember that our weather can sometimes change quickly - especially in springtime. Bring layers and watch the weather before heading out for a ride.

If mountain biking is your thing, be sure to look out for muddy areas and large rocks on the paths no matter what the season.


Summer is a great season to cycle the Adirondack Coast. Cyclers should remember how important it is to stay hydrated, so bring water, and take breaks. Also, be sure to dress appropriately for the hot weather - don't forget the sunscreen!

There are so many things to check out along all cycling routes in this area.  Lake Champlain and other lakes and rivers are a great place to dip your feet in along the beach as you go.  Look out for farm stands and markets in downtown Plattsburgh and along the country roads, as farming it at its peak this time of year.  Need a lunch stop? Downtown Plattsburgh also offers outside dining options at many restaurants.


Fall offers a unique cycling experience. Watch the leaves change as you cycle along in late September and October.  Ride by apple orchards and see the apples on their trees - but beware: do no pick on your own as you could be fined if caught. Instead, just stop at one of the many roadside stands to get a few for the road or visit a U-Pick orchard.

Bear in mind that because it’ll be getting closer to winter, the temperature will begin to drop or fluctuate. Dress appropriately with layers.


Tours of the Bluff Point Lighthouse


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