Beach Volleyball on the Adirondack Coast

Sports have always been a huge part of my life on the Adirondack Coast.  By being actively involved in high school athletics and recreational women’s softball, I have become a firm believer that without athletics I would not have the strength, work ethic and confidence that I do today.  Volleyball came into my life at a very young age and even with my 5’2 stature, I still managed to make myself feel 6’3 when I had a clean spike or made a good block at the net.  With most of our games being in indoor gymnasiums, it was not often I got to feel the sand beneath my toes and the sun on my skin in a good game of beach volleyball.  That is why I am beyond excited to get out on the beach this summer on July 26th at the Adirondack Coast Pro Am EVP Volleyball Tournament.

EVP stands for Extreme Volleyball Professionals, and boy is that the truth!  With muscles and height that any volleyball player would long for, these professionals shuffle, dive, run and sometimes roll across the beach volleyball court; rocking out an amazing display of athleticism and talent.  But the fun is not just in watching:

“The EVP Beach Volleyball Tour’s primary aim is to support beach volleyball events that engage families, fans, athletes, students, communities, and sponsors in a great day at the beach.  At each event, spectators will not only see elite athletes compete on the sand for top honors, they also have the chance to interact with the pros by participating in contests and promotions at hosting venues.”  –EVP Tour

Wondering what activities your kids can do over the summer?  EVP will be putting on a Volleykidz Beach Camp the week before the tournament with 4 sections focusing on different age ranges and skill sets.  What could be better than your little volleyball lovers learning from EVP volleyball pro certified coaches at a very reasonable price!? Helllloooo, nothing could be more awesome than that! 

EVP Volleykidz Beach Camp

This is the first year the Adirondack Coast will be hosting the EVP tournament and we do not want them to forget it!  So come out to the Plattsburgh City Beach and don’t miss your chance to support some of the most insane amateur and pro volleyball talent competing right in your back yard!



JULY 26th! BE THERE! I know I will be!


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