EVP Tour coming back to the Adirondack Coast!

Last year’s event on the Plattsburgh City Beach was a huge hit with amazing weather and a full day of juniors, amateurs and pros rocking out their best volleyball skills on 10 courts that lined Lake Champlain.  Steve Peters from the City Recreation Department and I even attempted to dust off our skills in a few 2 on 2 games, but despite our best attempt, “Team Scrappy” (named after our combined lack of height, but determined personalities) failed to make it to the finals and I have to say, we had a lot of fun losing!

But no worries!  That only gave Team Scrappy more time to pull off a memorable delivery of the game ball by a skydiver jumping out over Lake Champlain and gracefully landing on the beach to hand the ball off to Lloy Ball, a 1994 Olympic gold medalist, who was playing in the men’s final match.  Oh and did I mention, Kelly Shumacher also played in the women’s final match right before that.  She was a former WNBA Basketball star who turned into an insane beach volleyball player.  Pretty cool, right?

So what’s the “much more” you can expect to see this year? 

EVP Tour Commissioner, Ross Balling, will be hosting a 3 day Volleykidz Beach Camp for 3 different age groups (click link for details):

“The EVP® Academy uses the Volleyball Pros lesson plan to enhance student skills, which makes the game more enjoyable and challenges them to experience volleyball at the next level.  All resulting in students saying “I love volleyball and I want to learn more.”

-EVP Tour

Adults can also start their weekend off right by getting out of work early on Friday July 24th and coming to play in the EVP Adirondack Coast Corporate Challenge starting at 3pm on the Plattsburgh City Beach.  Registration is $100 for a co-ed team of 4 and you will not only get a souvenir Adirondack Coast EVP T-shirt, but you will receive a drink ticket to The Cabana Bar and a meal ticket to Smooth Moves.  Is there a better way to start your weekend then with some fun on the beach?

Saturday will bring on the junior, amateur and pro teams of 2 competing for the top prize.  Lloy ball will be back this year and giving you the chance to hold, wear and take pictures with his Olympic Gold Medal.  And I am sure we will have some other fun surprises waiting for you, so come out and watch, or participate in, the EVP Adirondack Coast Pro-Am Beach Volleyball Tournament July 24-25, 2015!


 Visit www.evptour.com to register or contact Ross Balling at rossballing@evptour.com or 312.287.5988