Adirondack Coast Angler Spotlight: Brett Carnright and Ryan Latinville

Fishing is a favorite family-friendly pastime on the Adirondack Coast. Just ask cousins Brett Carnright and Ryan Latinville. These two have been casting lines together since they were just 5 years old.

From hockey to soccer, Brett and Ryan have always been enthusiastic about a little friendly competition.

But it’s on the big waters of Lake Champlain, rather than on a field or a rink, where they’ve reeled in some of their most rewarding wins.

When the FLW Costa Series came to New York’s Adirondack Coast last month, the cousins both finished in the top 10, attributing their success, in part, to a home field advantage and a willingness to work together.

In fact, they would often cast into the same spots when fish started to bite – something other anglers are amazed by. Furthermore, the pair was able to find their bearings quickly, in spite of this season’s high water levels – something that set other anglers back.

In the week leading up to the Costa Series, they marked nearly 300 bass by territory, heading out onto the Lake Champlain at sunup and not venturing back to land until sundown.

Their hard work and familiarity with the Adirondack Coast paid off, literally, with them bringing in 52 lbs. and 3 oz., earning $17,800 together in third place – $11,000 for Carnright and $6,800 for Latinville.

The boys are big fans of bass fishing on Lake Champlain, with their catches increasing each year.

Brett says, “It’s either the lake getting better, or we’re just getting better.”

We’ll venture to guess it’s a little bit of both.

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You can read a full article on Brett and Ryan's bass winnings via Dan Heath at Press Republican: "Local angling buddies count on home field advantage"